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Allston's S & I Thai Restaurant Shut Down for Vermin

S & I To Go in Allston has been shut down for health inspection violations.

S & I To Go
S & I To Go
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A city health inspector has shut down S & I To Go in Allston, according to Universal Hub. The Thai restaurant at 168 Brighton Ave. was cited for evidence of spoiled food due to rodents and roaches, among other violations.

"The certified food manager is not at the location but there is a long history of repeated risk factor violations and infestation at the establishment," the inspector noted in the comments. S & I reportedly had chicken stored at room temperature and inadequate access to a hand sink, in addition to evidence that rodents had chewed through rice containers. The inspector reportedly found roaches in the basement's bulk sugar container, reporting "a gross infestation."

Following the September 28 inspection, other notes referred to improper storage of utensils, employees eating in the kitchen, and holes in the walls. Provided these problems are addressed, S & I may be permitted to reopen.

S & I Thai

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