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The Coffee Trike Is Shutting Down as Gracenote Gets Closer to Opening

The owner and operator of The Coffee Trike announced he will shut down his mobile business as he prepares to open an espresso bar with Gracenote Coffee Roasters.

Gracenote Coffee Boston Location
Gracenote Coffee Boston Location
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Dewey Square's roving caffeine source The Coffee Trike will cease operations, owner Alessandro "San" Bellino announced Monday on Facebook. Bellino is shifting his focus and will soon open a coffee shop in the Leather District in partnership with Gracenote Coffee.

An official final date has not been set, but Bellino said the day will come in the next two weeks.

"I have a few events lined up next month, but the trike will not be out again on a full-time basis at Dewey Square. I've been going at it for 3 years now and it's time for a transition," Bellino said in his post.

The Coffee Trike started operating in 2012, the same year that Patrick Barter founded Gracenote in Berlin, Massachusetts. They teamed up and will soon be serving coffee from Gracenote Coffee Boston at 108 Lincoln St.

Jesse Baerkahn of retail advisory firm Graffito SP divided his 1,100-square-foot office to house the forthcoming espresso bar in the front half, according to Boston Magazine.