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Spindler Confections Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Wrap Up Construction of Storefront

North Cambridge will have an old-fashioned candy shop soon.

The storefront, before construction began.
The storefront, before construction began.

Jeremy Spindler is building a North Cambridge storefront (2257 Mass. Ave.) for his currently home-based candy business, Spindler Confections, as previously reported. He's been creating old-fashioned caramels, brittles, and other treats out of his licensed home kitchen in Somerville since 2012, and in that time, Spindler Confections has transformed into a full-time business. Going back farther, Spindler has been making candies as a hobby for most of his life. Now, he's running a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of getting the last $10,000 (or more) that he needs in order to wrap up construction with a goal of opening in time for the holiday season.

The project has been self-funded to this point, Spindler explains in his Kickstarter video, and as a small business owner, he'd love to avoid getting a bank loan or a private investor for the final purchases needed to get the project off the ground. He has already covered over $40,000 worth of construction costs and equipment such as a refrigerator, freezer, sinks, and a grease trap, and he has received a Cambridge grant to make the shelving ADA compliant. (He is working to get a similar grant for the store's entryway.)

Kickstarter funds will cover things like part of the hood and ansul system, kitchen utensils, and a six-burner gas stove. Anything over the $10,000 goal will go towards a chocolate tempering machine, which costs $7000. Kickstarter backers will, of course, receive various amounts of candy, along with a sheet of tips for making candy at home.

When Spindler's shop opens, it will feature plenty of candies for purchase — including new products that he doesn't currently sell, like filled chocolates, fudge, and marshmallows. There will also be some candy-making supplies, books, and ingredients available for purchase, and the shop will be decorated to serve as a kind of a "mini museum" to the more than 140 confectioneries that have existed in Boston and Cambridge over the years.

Spindler's Kickstarter campaign ends on Halloween at 11 p.m.