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Spindler Confections to Open a Storefront and Candy Museum Late This Year

The nearly three-year-old candy company is moving out of its founder's home.

2257 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge
2257 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge
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An old-fashioned candy company is putting down permanent roots with a storefront in North Cambridge, Cambridge Day reported. Spindler Confections could open in November, but more realistically, expect to see the candy shop by early 2016.

Jeremy Spindler launched Spindler Confections from his Somerville home near Porter Square in 2012. The Midwestern native has been making candy his whole life, according to his website. The "somewhat artisanal, yet largely old-fashioned" products include caramels, brittles, chocolates, and pates de fruits. The products avoid high-fructose corn syrup or artificial flavorings, but some are flavored with Somerville's native confection, Marshmallow Fluff. The small-batch candies are also preservative-free.

Construction on the future retail and production space will begin at 2257 Massachusetts Ave. soon, according to the DayThe shop wasn't zoned for candy-making, though, and in July, Spindler was granted a special permit allowing the retail and production facility.

The Boston Globe added that Spindler will also operate a candy museum at his Massachusetts Ave. shop. "Many people don’t realize that there is a vibrant history of candy-making in the area, with the industry reaching its peak in the 1950s," the confectioner wrote via email to the daily. The Globe noted Spindler will display packaging and paraphernalia from the past companies.

The Day provides a few more details on that history, noting that Tootsie Roll Industries still has a plant on Main Street, which was once called Confectioner's Row. Spindler Confections' future home is in an area quickly becoming a sugar haven, though: Nüssli 118°, which makes sweets like petits four and chocolate pecan squares, and Pemberton Farms, a high-end purveyor of local treats, are its neighbors, the Day notes.

Spindler has been planning this storefront at least since early this year; in a January 21 update on his 2012 Kickstarter campaign page, he shared the news and said another crowdfunding effort could be necessary to open the shop. Any such endeavor hasn't materialized, though. In the update, Spindler noted the commercial production facility will allow for out-of-state candy shipments, something he currently doesn't offer.

Keep an eye on Spindler Confections' Facebook for updates as the small company heads for its new home.