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Busy East Boston Dunkin' Donuts Is Closed for Renovations

The Orient Heights Dunks is getting a drive-thru — whether neighbors want it or not. (Most don't.)

Dunkin Donuts at 951 Bennington St., East Boston
Dunkin Donuts at 951 Bennington St., East Boston

The Dunkin' Donuts located at 951 Bennington St. in East Boston will be closed while the owners take on a $550,000 renovation project, the East Boston Times reported.

When the coffee shop reopens, it will have a new facade and stonework, greenspace and outdoor seating, "attractive lighting," an expanded interior dining area, and a drive-thru lane. The Eastie Times article doesn't give a timeline for the project but notes the Dunks will remain closed throughout.

The drive-thru was actually nixed by the Orient Heights Neighborhood Council 18-6 over traffic concerns, but the Boston Zoning Board of Appeals overrode the local opinion, according to the Times. Plans show a new entrance point into the Dunks' existing parking lot will be added for the drive-thru, and that cars exiting the lane will only be able to turn right onto Bennington Street.

There are two other Dunkin Donuts restaurants within 1 mile of the Bennington Street location, in Revere and in Winthrop. There are at least 50 Dunks within 5 miles of the temporarily-shuttered outpost.