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Yogurtland Has Melted Away From the Boston Area

The self-serve froyo chain proliferated a couple years ago.

A location of Yogurtland
A location of Yogurtland

Yogurtland had four locations of its self-serve frozen yogurt in the Boston area, but Boston Restaurant Talk reports that it appears all are no more.

Via @Lokay on Twitter, the blog noticed the Coolidge Corner Yogurtland posted a sign on its door announcing its closure. The brand had outposts in Back Bay and Newton Centre that have previously shuttered, and BRT notes that calls cannot reach the Harvard Square location anymore, either. All four shops have been removed from the California-based company's website.

Yogurtland settled in this great state around 2013, when froyo seemed all the rage. This year, more froyo shops have shuttered than opened, but earlier this summer, Central Square sprouted a new variety on the frozen confection landscape, Frozen Yogi.

The late Yogurtland sold froyo and toppings by the ounce. It offered a zany take on the genre, with flavors like Candy Clouds, Maple Donut, Pom Berry Lemon Tart, and Banana Nut Bread, with toppings including Candy Fish, Frosted Donuts, and Sugary Squirms (?). There was also probably diced fruit.