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Blazing Salads Will Flare Up in Food Truck Form

The Quincy-turned-Boston shop is hitting the streets.

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Blazing Salads on Wheels will take over the Green Bean Mobile Cafe truck, pictured here
Blazing Salads on Wheels will take over the Green Bean Mobile Cafe truck, pictured here
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A long-closed Middle Eastern concept is being resurrected as a food truck, Hub Food Trucks reported. Blazing Salads on Wheels has passed its inspections and got permitted yesterday.

The company has an active, but friends-only, Facebook page where it's sharing updates, and it has launched a Twitter profile, too.

Photos shared to the Facebook page confirm Hub Food Trucks' report that Blazing Salads is taking over the Green Bean Mobile Cafe food truck. The photos show Blazing Salads replaced its name on the side of the vehicle, but otherwise has left the Green Bean's design mainly the same, at least for now. The Green Bean came off the road back in July, when owners Jaime and Geoff Escott decided to sell.

On the Facebook page, Blazing Salads on Wheels confirmed that it's the same family behind the Blazing Salads shop that started in Quincy in 1974. It also operated a cart, as evidenced by this picture dated 1976, and eventually, Blazing Salads moved to 7 Liberty Square in downtown Boston, a Yelper recalls. That storefront currently houses a different Middle Eastern concept, Boston Kebab House.

On the friends-only Facebook page, fans are reminiscing about the shop's tabbouleh, hummus, pita bread, and baklava.

Blazing Salads on Wheels has promised a business Facebook page, updates to its Twitter profile, and an Instagram presence to come in the next week, so keep an eye for more updates on the new Blazing Salads.