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The Helping Hand Food Truck Makes a New Go-Go at Crowdfunding

The pay-what-you-can mobile diner has launched a new campaign for slightly less money.

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The Helping Hand logo
The Helping Hand logo

A noble mission missed the mark on a $90,000 Kickstarter fundraiser last month, but The Helping Hand Food Truck is giving it another shot, this time with a $60,000 effort on IndieGogo.

First reported during its initial crowdfunding attempt in July, The Helping Hand Food Truck is the brainchild of an enterprising 26-year-old and former shelter volunteer. Corey Phelan says the business combines two of his long-term goals: Making an individual effort to combat homelessness, and owning a food truck.

"While the truck will operate as a business to paying customers who are able to afford their food I would like to take this opportunity to try and change the way business is done. Instead of fixed prices for meals I am going to implement a Pay What You Can/Will policy, which will allow our consumers to set the price they think is appropriate for our food and services," he writes.

The mobile diner will serve locally-sourced breakfast and lunch daily from 6 a.m. - 9 p.m., with extended hours until 3 a.m. on weekends, according to the IndieGogo page.

The initial fundraiser had $1,556 pledged by August 28. The new, Boston-based campaign has 38 days to meet its pared-down goal of $60,000. The money will help Phelan purchase a furbished truck, complete with branding; permit it appropriately; and acquire the initial stock of food, according to the IndieGogo site. The type of campaign Phelan has launched this time does not require the full amount be raised for him to collect.

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