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Worden Hall Raced Into South Boston Last Week

Take a look inside Southie's newest home for deep-dish pizza, spuckies, over 100 types of whiskey, and more.

Last week, Worden Hall opened in South Boston. Named after a historic 1800s guest house in Saratoga Springs, the new space nods to its roots with horse racing images throughout. There's also substantial New England charm present with a combination of exposed brick and wood-paneled walls, along with oversized lanterns that hang above the tables. A combination of tables and booths line each side of the dining room, and the extended bar area reaches to the front of the room and cozies up to the large windows that overlook the street.

The bar itself runs the length of the room and is lined with plush leather chairs. The top of the bar, and one of the most unique features of the restaurant, is lined with perfectly organized, shiny pennies. At the very end of the bar, situated in the corner, a coaster from the original Worden Hall is preserved in the bar and resting on some pennies. Just behind the bar, a second row of seats line the dining room and sweep all the way to the back, ending just before the open kitchen.

In the back corner, just to the right, a spillover room (which can be used for private functions) is separated from the dining room and bar area by rust-colored barnyard doors that swing open. A mural depicting horse races hangs high, reminding guests of the restaurant's namesake.

Worden Hall

22 W Broadway, Boston, MA 02127 (617) 752-4206 Visit Website