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Amuleto Mexican Table Is Set for August 17

The Waltham restaurant is hiring.

484 Moody St., Waltham
484 Moody St., Waltham
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Amuleto Mexican Table logoA new Mexican restaurant on Waltham's Restaurant Row is slated to open August 17, a new job listing reveals.

Amuleto Mexican Table is an upscale but casual restaurant, with cuisine spanning regions of Mexico, according to a now-expired Poached job listing seeking chefs with knowledge of "moles, salsa, handling masa, fresh seafood, and more." The full bar will highlight tequilas and mexcal, the new restaurant's bartender and assistant manager shares on LinkedIn. Amuleto's website is currently under construction.

Located at 484 Moody St., Amuleto will be the fourth Mexican restaurant to fill the space. Most recently, Habanero's occupied the storefront.

Currently seeking servers and hosts, Amuleto plans staff training next week to debut on Monday, Aug. 17.

[Amuleto Mexican Table logo: Official Site]