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Sam's, No Longer at Louis, Will Shutter Soon and Move Next Door

When it reopens, the view will still be great.

Sam's at Louis will move this fall into a currently under-construction building
Sam's at Louis will move this fall into a currently under-construction building
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A restaurant on the South Boston Waterfront that has landed on its fair share of "best patio" lists since it opened in 2010 will close August 31 in preparation for a move next door, the Boston Globe reportedSam's at Louis will reopen as Sam's in November.

The upscale, new American restaurant is currently located in a building always intended to be temporary. The Globe notes developer Joe Fallon inked 10-year leases with Sam's and two other tenants, but he needs to take back the land now to keep up with the demand for luxury condos, apparently. He offered the restaurant, as well as a salon and the 85-year-old Louis clothing shop, space in a project he's building next door, Twenty Two Liberty. Sam's and the salon accepted, but the Louis owner decided to retired and shuttered the shop in July.

The new, under-construction building is slated for completion this November, and when Sam's moves in, it will have first-floor space. The restaurant has been on the second floor, above Louis, since its inception. "Yes, the view is as good," co-owner Esti Parsons told the Globe. "You feel a lot closer to the water. I didn’t think it would feel more being on the water than this."

Sam's offers raw seafood, small plates, sandwiches, entrees, and brunch along with the view. Keep an eye on the restaurant's Facebook page for updates as it moves toward reopening this November.


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