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Union Square Will Get Its Very Own Juice & Smoothie Shop

The Juice Union has introduced itself on Bow Street.

Signs for The Juice Union at 23A Bow St.
Signs for The Juice Union at 23A Bow St.
Jackie Cain for Eater Boston

A Union Square storefront will likely be another island floating in the sea of juice that is engulfing the greater Boston area. The Juice Union is in the process of setting up shop at 23A Bow St. in Somerville.

Signs were posted in the windows last week announcing a fresh juice and smoothie shop coming soon. The tiny shop is located right next door to the Neighborhood Restaurant. The Juice Union has claimed an Instagram profile, but it hasn't shared any photos or more information yet.

Under the business name Healthy Options LLC, The Juice Union appears to be a venture from a Brighton lawyer, Joshua Krefetz. There was no answer at Krefetz's office today seeking more information. Planners with the City of Somerville confirmed Krefetz has submitted an application, which is currently under review, for a building permit to do interior renovations.

Pending city approval, The Juice Union will join several fresh-squeezed shops that have opened in the area over the last year, including Kwench Juice Cafewhich debuted on Congress Street in Boston last weekNaturel Juicing, a startup launched in April, appears to be on hold; its Kickstarter campaign failed to raise $7,500 for its juicing equipment and permitting, and the company has removed its Facebook page.

UPDATE, 8/4/15: A job listing posted on Craigslist after this article was published yesterday indicates the Juice Union's "healthier beverage alternatives" will come to Union Square in September.