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Former Windsor Button Shop Will Have a Restaurant at Some Point, Landlord Says

The property owner is going to make sure the restaurateur follows through this time, unlike in 2014.

The Windsor Button building
The Windsor Button building
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The owner of the former Windsor Button shop said his company is close to sealing the deal to bring a new restaurant, reportedly called Cut and Sew, to the space at 35 Temple Pl., Universal Hub reported. The information was presented to the Boston Licensing Board during a violation hearing on Tuesday.

The liquor license for what would be the first restaurant in that property is currently held by an affiliate of the Alpine Restaurant Group, which had planned to open a second branch of the Painted Burro there in 2013. A lack of financing doomed that venture in 2014, but the board had already granted it a liquor license. Tuesday's hearing was regarding its non-use.

Ed Champy, a real estate developer with the property owner Waypoint Companies, asked the board for another six months to get the restaurant in operation, UHub said.

On Wednesday, a license transfer application from the Painted Burro to the new restaurateur was submitted, an employee of the licensing office said today. Another non-use hearing could take place in three months, she added.

Champy said his company doesn't intend to let the new restaurateur, whom he declined to name, sit on the license. He feels confident that funding will come through soon, but it's not a done deal yet. During Tuesday's hearing, UHub reported that a restaurant broker working with Waypoint said the new plan is "fully baked," but the deal isn't wrapped up yet.