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Beta Burger Will Revolutionize Fast-Food Burgers Late Next Month

There are just a few more tasks on the to-do list.

Beta Burger
Beta Burger

Beta Burger, a forthcoming burger startup that aims to be "the Chipotle of the beef-and-bun segment," is eyeing late September for its Mission Hill debut, the company shared on its blog.

Founder Adrian Wong, a former Morgan Stanley advisor, was originally eyeing an early August opening, and the Beta Burger team has been building out its restaurant at 1437 Tremont St. for about two months. A three-bay sink, refrigeration units, the grill and fry warmer, and exterior signage are all in place, but there are still "four moving parts" before the grand opening, including installation of a new hood and inspections.

Staff — who have spiffy new uniforms — will start training "soon," and a soft opening will take place this month. Those who have signed up for Beta Burger's newsletter will get the scoop on that, the blog post indicates.

When it does open, Beta Burger's bread and butter will be its customizable burgers. Patties will be rendered moist in a controlled vapor oven, technology used by KFC, and finished on the grill, with sandwiches assembled in a line inspired by the aforementioned burrito chain.