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Look Inside Jaho, a Coffee and Wine Bar Opening Downtown This Weekend

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The 10-year-old Salem-based coffee roaster is branching out into wine and more.

Jaho — a coffee bar by day, a wine bar by night — is set to open this weekend inside The Kensington in Downtown Crossing. This will be the fourth location for the company, which already has two spaces in Salem and one in the South End, but the new location will be the first to serve wine.

In the daytime, the coffee offerings will be complemented by sandwiches. A large coffee roaster sits off to the side but is still very much a part of the room, with a small bar surrounding it, where guests can sit, sip, and watch the process. Eventually, Jaho hopes to offer coffee classes and tasting events.

To the right of the roaster sit two new espresso machines, each balancing several coffee cups above it. A long counter snakes through the shop, offering lots of space to hang out while waiting for one's order to be up.There are seats galore, from couches to long high-top tables surrounded by rustic-chic chairs. There are several little corners filled with comfortable leather chairs and tables, providing a nice spot to hole up for a bit. Bypassing the traditional banquette model, a row of leather couches are strung together with arm rests in between every couple of seats. They sit under a dramatic wooden Jaho sign. The high ceiling is accented by wooden beams and open space, giving an airiness to the place, and the lighting is modern, including small orbs of light and larger warehouse-style fixtures. The window opposite the ordering counter offers great views of the busy street.

At the night, the bright lights will dim; it'll be time for craft beer (on tap and in bottles), wine, and an assortment of whiskies to take center stage. There will be small bites available, like charcuterie and cheeses, to accompany the beverages.

Jaho Coffee Roasters & Wine Bar

665 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02111 Visit Website