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Longtime Friend of Magoun Square's Thurston Spa Has Purchased the Deli

John Ferreer helped keep the shop going during the late owner's illness the spring.

Thurston Spa
Thurston Spa
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An old-school deli just outside of Magoun Square will continue on after its owner and sole employee's death in June. Pending city approval at a licensing hearing this week, John Ferreer will take over and run Thurston Spa, Somerville Journal reported last month.

Thurston Spa has offered coffee, breakfast items, fried food, and sandwiches on the corner of Medford and Thurston streets for about 60 years. Jerry LaFee purchased it 25 years ago and ran the shop himself. As previously reported, longtime friends and customers Ferreer, Carl Amici, and Eddie Lavelle helped keep the ship sailing when LaFee was hospitalized in the spring.

The Journal reports Ferreer made a last-second bid to buy the shop, which he had said was a possibility after LaFee unexpectedly died before beginning rehabilitation. Ferreer has been remodeling and updating Thurston Spa in the past couple weeks and plans to reopen September 1. The renovations include new floors, seating, and kitchen equipment, including an oven, toaster, and microwave.

A neighbor who has visited Thurston Spa every morning for 41 years told the Journal it's a good thing that the shop will remain.

"It's kind of like the club house," Larry Laflamme said. "The same people are here all of the time ... All of the neighborhood comes in and enjoys it."

Ferreer and his wife, Patricia Ferreer, will be taking over operations and plan to extend the shop's hours to close at 8 p.m.