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Tasting Counter Introduces Late-Night Bites on Fridays and Saturdays

Maybe you can't swing a $150 tasting menu every week, but how about a $5 late-night miso duck sandwich?

Tasting Counter
Tasting Counter

Now open for a few weeksTasting Counter — a fine-dining, tasting-menu-only restaurant inside of Aeronaut Brewing Company's Food Hub in Somerville — is debuting a few late-night bites on weekends. For now, the menu kicks off at 10:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and is available until the brewery closes at midnight.

Owner Peter Ungár did a test run last night, offering three items for $5 each: miso duck sandwiches, spicy noodles, and crispy stuffed fried rice.

It's a chance to get a taste of Ungár's food and learn a little bit more about the restaurant's focus, the tasting menu, which starts at $150 per person. Tasting Counter uses an online ticketing system for reservations and payment in advance; once diners arrive at the restaurant, no money has to change hands.

Tasting Counter is currently only serving dinner (and the new late-night snacks), but lunch service will be added soon.

Tasting Counter

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