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Upcoming Ciao! Pizza & Pasta Will Elevate Chelsea's Fine Dining Scene

The co-owners started at Mistral together 15 years ago.

Ciao PIzza & Pasta's first fire in its new oven
Ciao PIzza & Pasta's first fire in its new oven

The Chelsea Record introduced Ciao! Pizza & Pasta co-owners Edson Coimbra and Marvin Posada to the broader Chelsea community in an article today, but the duo said they are already comfortably at home despite not being open just yet.

"Just when we’re at a tough point with the construction, someone will come in and ask when we’re opening," Coimbra said. "That makes it all worth it and really pushes us forward ... We haven’t opened, but people are already embracing and looking forward to us."

The 500-square foot restaurant, focusing on wood-fired pizza and homemade pasta, is in the works at 59 Williams St. Coimbra and Posada are 15-year restaurant veterans who met working at Mistral.

"Both of us started from the bottom," Coimbra said. He left the industry to pursue banking for a couple years, but he brings management experience to the ownership team. Posada, who started at Mistral as a dishwasher, was most recently executive chef at L'Andana.

"We learned a lot from [Mistral]. We have that vision. We will put the customer first always and we will really become part of the community," Coimbra said, noting it helps he is a 10-year patron of the city's businesses himself.

With a Valoriani brick oven that arrived at the end of July, Posada's kitchen will turn out homemade food that stands out in Chelsea. Ciao will have salads and panini, too.

"We are excited to bring this high-quality food and fine dining experience without the high price," Posada said. "I feel we’re going to be part of the big changes that are already happening here in Chelsea."

In a response to a well-wisher (the "Granite Guy" that made the restaurant's countertops), a representative of Ciao said they hoped to be open by mid-August.

Keep an eye on its active Facebook page for glimpses into the day-to-day as Ciao prepares to bring a casual, fine dining experience to Chelsea.

Ciao! Pizza and Pasta

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