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Blue Hills Brewery Swings Back at Tom Brady-Hating Indianapolis Brewery

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"A. Luck sux."

Canton-based Blue Hills Brewery, located just 12 miles away from Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots, was a little offended by Indianapolis-based Sun King Brewing Company's "Tom Brady sux" beer cans. As a bit of friendly revenge, the Canton brewery stamped "A. Luck sux" on the bottom of its Quarter Mile Double IPA cans today, taking a jab at the Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.

Unlike the Sun King situation, where a football-loving employee stamped the message without approval from the management, "A. Luck sux" is "officially sanctioned by management as a playful jab at another craft brewery," says director of operations Jim O'Neil. Usually the bottom of the cans are stamped with "Take The Hill" and the date.

The Patriots and the Colts face off on October 18 in Indianapolis.