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Ariana Is Almost Ready for a Triumphant Return

The Afghani restaurant will be "bigger and better" in Brighton.

The original Ariana Restaurant in Allston
The original Ariana Restaurant in Allston

Allston/Brighton will once again have its own place for Afghani korma, kabobs, and kaddo in a couple weeks. Ariana Restaurant is in the final stage of readying its brand-new digs at 384 Western Ave., owner Najeeb Rostani said today.

"We're done with work, just finalizing paperwork here and there," he said. "Probably we are looking end of next week." The new Ariana will be softly open for a short period of time, he added.

Today, the restaurant is getting its final fire inspection, the place of assembly. Rostami plans to pick up his certificate of occupancy tomorrow, and he'll be in touch with the health and building inspectors on Monday.

Rostami and his wife, Baheja, launched their business in 2010 at 129 Brighton Ave. in Allston. In February, that location shuttered, and Mala, a hot pot restaurant, opened in its place. At the time, Rostami optimistically hoped the bigger, classier Ariana would debut in March, but the Brighton space needed a full renovation.

"There were not even four walls; there were three walls. We had to build the kitchen, bathroom, dining room, install the plumbing and electricity. It was a lot," he told Eater in May. He described the new location as much nicer than the original Ariana, more updated, and larger.

The original staff is on board to open the Brighton location, and the traditional Afghani cuisine hasn't changed. "They're already trained, they know the menu," Rostami said today. "Everybody is waiting, so I can't wait to open to door."

Keep an eye on Facebook and the web for updates as Ariana Restaurant prepares to welcome back its fans at a new home.

UPDATE, 8/20/15: The new Ariana will open on Saturday, August 29.