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DooWee & Rice Has Gloriously Joined Forces With Wonder Bar

The eclectic bao shop at the Allston bar has softly debuted.


DooWee & Rice at Wonder Bar is finally, actually happening. Chef Duy Tran shared on social media that his restaurant had an "extremely successful," yet quiet, initial soft opening yesterday.

About four years ago, Tran launched DooWee & Rice out of his car — he sold his bao in front of, and later inside, Wonder Bar. The operation eventually made it to a brick-and-mortar storefront in Somerville, which shuttered after just more than a year. The longtime partnership with Wonder Bar laid the groundwork for a restaurant there while he still had the Somerville shop, and now all the necessary pieces are finally in order.

"I'm so grateful to everyone that has constantly showed love and support throughout the years," Tran shared on Instagram following DooWee & Rice's soft opening last night. "I'm most happy about being able to show you all how I've expanded my skill set," he continued.

Based on a sample menu he shared on Chowhound earlier this year, that means more of his eclectic fare, from French fries covered in chicken hearts or gravy; to surf 'n' turf crostinis; to a variety of non-traditional bao bao.

According to a tweet, the space's bathrooms still need some work, but keep an eye on Duy's Twitter and on Wonder Bar's Facebook for news about the grand opening of the venture that's been several years in the making.

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