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'Tom Brady Sux' Ends Up on the Bottom of 20,000 Indianapolis Beer Cans

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A Sun King Brewing Company employee decided to poke fun at DeflateGate.

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Tom Brady
Tom Brady
Tom Pennington/Getty Images

"Tom Brady Sux" was stamped on the bottom of more than 20,000 cans of Wee Mac Scottish Ale, a beer from Indianapolis' Sun King Brewing Company, reports the Indianapolis Star. Co-owner Clay Robinson told the Star that it was a "prank" pulled by a canning line employee named "Biscuit" a couple days after Tom Brady's four-game suspension was announced by the NFL in the wake of "DeflateGate."

The brewery puts a different phrase on the cans each day, and this phrase elicited a "What the hell were you thinking?" from Sun King management, Robinson noted, adding that he personally thought it was funny. But "Biscuit" is now required to submit a list of can bottom sayings each week for approval.

On Facebook, the brewery posted an apology:

"One of our employees had some fun with the canning line and the date coder, and while we wouldn’t have condoned that message, we understand the passion our employee has for the Indianapolis Colts. As Colts fans and Hoosiers, we sincerely apologize to any Tom Brady fans in Indiana who were offended by those cans."

Sun King beers are currently distributed throughout the Central Indiana area.