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Commercial Bakery Quinzani's Is Closing in the South End

The 96-year-old business is calling it a day.

Quinzani's Bakery
Quinzani's Bakery
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The Boston Globe reported over the weekend that a local, commercial bakery used by hundreds of delis, restaurants, caterers, and food service companies plans to close next week. Quinzani's Bakery will shutter and sell its industrial bakery at 380 Harrison Ave.

The bakery has taken up the South End real estate for about 50 years, but the company was founded even further back in 1919 by two Italian immigrants and brothers. Current co-owner Rob-Roy Quinzani told the Globe there's no one in the fourth generation to take over the business. While there is still some industry in Quinzani's neighborhood, the bakery is surrounded by new, luxury development, including the Ink Block and Troy Boston buildings.

According to the Globe, "It’s a familiar story amid the city’s development boom: a blue-collar business shuts down as a gritty neighborhood goes upscale, paving the way for investors to put up a luxury residence or high-end retail buildings."

For his part, Quinzani declined to discuss how his decision to sell fits in with a changing neighborhood.

The Quinzani family is in talks with a buyer for the building, but details aren't revealed yet. Calise & Sons Bakery of Lincoln, R.I., will take over the bakery business and, along with Piantedosi Baking Co. in Malden, the two companies will continue most of the product line, the Globe reports.

The wholesale bakery employs about 90 workers. Specializing in sub rolls, dinner rolls, and French and Italian breads, Quinzani's serves about 800 clients in the greater Boston area.

Quinzani's Bakery

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