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Rubi's Hot Dogs Will Set Up Shop Inside a Boston Packie This Summer

Six pack in one hand, gourmet hot dog in the other.

Huntington Wine & Spirits
Huntington Wine & Spirits

In a couple weeks, a Boston packie will make it possible for you to stock up on summer booze essentials with a hot dog in hand. Rubi's Hot Dogs is moving into Huntington Wine & Spirits within the coming weeks, the store's manager Chris Bossi confirmed today.

Bossi said Rubi's Hot Dogs is a separate entity from the liquor store, run by shop owner Steven Rubin's son, Sam. Sam Rubin will set up hot dog rollers near the front entrance of the store, in an area that was previously used for tastings. "It's going to be a gourmet hot dog stand inside a liquor store," Bossi said.

With its location convenient to Northeastern University, Bossi said he hopes the dogs — which, at this point, will be available daily — will appeal to college students and "the average person walking by." It's possible the stand may expand its edible offerings, too, potentially including pretzels and popcorn.

Keep an eye on Rubi's Hot Dogs' new Twitter profile for updates on its arrival at Huntington Wine & Spirits.

Huntington Wine & Spirits

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