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Boston Streets Will Be Overrun With Mobile Pubs

The inflatable Paddy Wagon is now available to rent.

Inside the Paddy Wagon Pub
Inside the Paddy Wagon Pub

A new company has rolled into the Boston area: The Paddy Wagon has two inflatable, Irish-inspired pubs for rent, offering all-inclusive entertainment inside what basically amounts to adult bouncy houses, BostInno reports.

The concept is similar to the mobile Irish pub The Shebeen, as noted by Boston Restaurant Talk. As previously reported, after debuting in the Galway area, a second, adorable Shebeen is on its way to the Boston area thanks to a yet-unnamed buyer. Boston's Shebeen is expected sometime this month, according to a previous report from Boston Magazine. While social media doesn't provide much in the way of a concrete update, photos posted late last month show a mobile pub ready for stonework.

The Paddy Wagon is also modeled to look like a traditional Irish bar, but instead of wood and stone, the first fleet of mobile pubs to hit Boston streets is made from rubber and air. (Another rental will debut in August, too.) The inflatable structure is inspired by a popular form of entertainment in Europe, founder Eoghen "Owen" Cahill told BostInno.

"The outside of the bar looks like a traditional Irish pub complete with fake brick walls and a thatched roof," he explained. Inside, it's a "proper bar" with windows, a fake fireplace, and a full bar. There's also an outdoor beer garden; all told, it can accommodate about 80 people.

The Paddy Wagon team offers a few extra options, including live entertainment by a DJ, an traditional band, Irish step dancers, or even giant Irish wolfhounds. There's also an optional catered menu of traditional Irish fare. Or, you could just rent the structure and throw your own shindig.

Keep an eye out for The Paddy Wagon in a neighborhood near you, or hire it yourself this summer.