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No, Gronk, a Chowder Burger Is a Terrible Idea

The Patriots helped come up with a signature Wahlburger on the show this week.

Wahlburgers in Hingham
Wahlburgers in Hingham

Dorchester's native sons Mark and Paul Wahlberg are paying homage to New England's football team in this month's Wahlburgers special, the Patriots 4 Ring Burger. Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, and owner Bob Kraft dropped in on the show this week to help come up with the recipe.

Paul, the brains behind the burger operation, ultimately chose Kraft's sandwich, with four fried onion rings symbolizing the team's four Super Bowl Championships.

But that wasn't before the chef had to hear, via a cell phone video shared by Mark, ideas from tight end and starting goofball Gronk — "maybe, like, some New England clam chowder" — and wide receiver-cum-dreamboat Julian Edelman, who considers topping a burger with fried clams.

"Huh?" is Paul's response.

"When it comes to Gronk and Edelman, if they're on the field, I love it. But if it comes to quality food, I'm not sure that's the area. But, I'll listen," Kraft says.

The owner's idea uses turkey bacon as a healthier alternative, along with the symbolic onion rings — "with room for more," Paul says, as he brings the towering burger for Kraft to try onto the field at Gillette Stadium.

Because it's reality television, Kraft challenges the chef to kick a field goal to ultimately choose the go-ahead burger, even though his idea was the winner from the outset. Kitchen clogs stay on the whole time, and Paul gets his 3 points.

Edelman visits the Hingham restaurant — donning his Super Bowl ring, of course — to try the Patriots 4 Ring Burger, but he insists the chef also make him a clam chowder version. "That is a Super Bowl explosion in your mouth. As big as this ring!"

"Stick to football, bro," Edelman's sister, Nicole, says after taking a cringe-inducing bite.

The clam chowder burger may be a weekend special this football season, if Edelman, Gronk, and Mark can convince the chef.

Wahlburgers (Hingham)

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