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Taco Party & Sabertooth Bakery Will Combine Vegan Powers Soon in Somerville

The Ball Square collaboration is almost ready to open.

Taco Party & Sabertooth Bakery's storefront
Taco Party & Sabertooth Bakery's storefront

A brick-and-mortar home for both Taco Party and Sabertooth Vegan Bakery is "almost ready for you, Somerville," according to a recent Facebook post from the sweets purveyorBoth mobile shops have posted a flurry of social media activity in the past few weeks, leading up to the Ball Square cafe opening later this summer.

In early May, Keith Schubert of Taco Party announced plans for a permanent home at 711 Broadway. About a week later, the Boston Globe noted Sabertooth would "provide the sweets."

More than just supplying Taco Party with vegan doughnuts and other treats, though, Sabertooth will actually call the new space home, too, and the storefront will be an all-vegan, taco-and-doughnut paradise.

Evie Noël founded Sabertooth Bakery in Burlington, Vt. in 2011 and moved the business to Boston in 2012. The four-year-old bike bakeshop has sold products to other area cafes and was previously based at Fazenda in Jamaica Plain; that cafe's new owners are carrying the doughnut torch, albeit not of the (exclusively) vegan variety.

In addition to doughnuts, Sabertooth offers cookies, cakes, and cupcakes, and yes, everything is vegan. The baker is on hiatus from the kitchen until the shop opens, though.

Taco Party's menu is also exclusively vegan, with fried tofu, chorizo seitan, Sriracha BBQ jackfruit, and other tacos. Boston Magazine noted that the Somerville shop will offer more varieties than the truck, as well as tostadas and house-made aguas frescas.

Beyond "later this summer," the owners haven't announced an opening date yet. Taco Party is currently hiring counter help for the shop coming "very soon."