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Booze Epoque Is Freshening Up Veggie Galaxy's Bar Program

Herbed sangrias and vegan milkshakes are in your future.

Veggie Galaxy
Veggie Galaxy

Booze Epoque, a Cambridge-based cocktail consulting and catering business, announced today that it has signed on to revamp the bar program at Veggie Galaxy.

BE's Meaghan Sinclair says she and partner, Harmony Dawn, have already starting formulating menu ideas, but the formal, three-month partnership with the Central Square vegetarian diner will begin begin August 1. That will include developing a new menu, updating beer and wine selections, helping to renovate bar infrastructure, and training staff.

Veggie Galaxy currently has a wine and malt beverages license, and Sinclair says there are currently no plans to go for a full liquor license. "But we plan to do some really exciting, fresh, beautiful things with beer, wine, cider, port, sherry, and some other fun products like Green River Ambrosia's Ginger Libation," she said via email. "Expect to see everything from herbed sangrias, to local beer shandies, to revamps of classics like the Shirley Temple, to port and Taza chocolate fudge milkshakes."

Sinclair noted her company uses locally-sourced products in season, and will also create entirely vegan-friendly beverages for Veggie Galaxy. "Even the milkshakes will be made with coconut based ice cream," Sinclair said.

Booze Epoque is signed on to work with Veggie Galaxy through October, and after that, Sinclair said the duo will help update the cocktail menu seasonally on a contract basis.

Expect a formal launch party in mid- to late-September, and Sinclair said other fun events may be on the horizon, too.

UPDATE, 1:45 PM: Eater had checked in with Veggie Galaxy to see if there were updates on its quest for a late-night license and whether a revival of the dearly departed Veggie Planet is still in the works. Adam Penn, who co-owns Veggie Galaxy with his wife, Kathy Tanner, called back and said the 2 a.m. license was granted, but it hasn't been put to use yet, and extending weekend hours is not the restaurant's current priority. Additionally, "We're still keeping an eye out for possible locations. It's still on the radar screen, but there, too, it's not the No. 1 priority. But I'm still hoping we can make that happen."

Veggie Galaxy

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