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La Voile Will Open Up in Brookline Later This Year

The Back Bay brasserie is apparently expanding to Washington Square in September.

La Voile Back Bay
La Voile Back Bay

The Back Bay brasserie La Voile is adding an outpost in Brookline, according to a post on the Washington Square Association Facebook page. Boston Restaurant Talk noticed the post earlier today, and a comment from the organization later this afternoon confirmed the new restaurant is an expansion of the La Voile brand.

The announcement includes a photo of La Voile matre d', Jerome, and also introduces a new chef, Francois, who recently relocated from France. La Voile Brasserie, as the Washington Square Association calls it, will serve items including escargots, fois gras, moules frites, "and all that wonderful Mediterranean seafood and veggies."

La Voile (The Sail) was imported from Cannes to the Back Bay by Pierre Honegger. The restaurant's website indicates Honegger, a sailor, was a regular patron at La Voile au Vent (The Sail in the Wind), a classic meeting place for sailors and, legend has it, a former hang of Ernest Hemingway.

Honegger and team were in the running to purchase the Sandrine's Bistro space and open a La Voile outpost in Cambridge, but Classic Restaurant Concepts (The Kinsale, The Asgard) actually picked up the spot at 8 Holyoke St. and are opening En Boca there later this summer. En Boca is not an Irish pub, like the restaurant group's other locations, nor is it a French bistro; but it will be "along the same lines of quality," Classic Restaurants' Peter Sarmanian previously told Cambridge Day.

According to the Washington Square Association, La Voile Brasserie will open at 1627 Beacon St. in September. Jerome was not available at La Voile to comment this afternoon, but stay tuned for more information about the new venture.

La Voile

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