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Growing North Shore Group Adds 'Super Fresh Crudo' in Winchester

TWK is the latest concept from Serenitee Restaurant Group.

14 Thompson St., Winchester
14 Thompson St., Winchester
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North Shore restaurant group Serenitee is about to debut its 10th concept, The Waterfield Kitchen in Winchester. Located at 14 Thompson St., the "foodie focused restaurant" will have a "super fresh sushi/crudo program," two new job listings reveal.

Shortened to TWK, the restaurant promises a hip vibe and creative, approachable dishes. While a crudo bar will be a focus, there will also be traditionally-plated entrees. The team is prioritizing seasonal ingredients, so a sample menu the company shared in April is subject to change. It includes items like a fresh lobster taco with chives, yuzu aioli, ginger marinated celery, and carrots in a taro root shell; yellow tail crudo with blood orange glaze, ginger marinated fennel, watermelon radish, and marinated lemon peel; bucatini with creamy arugula pesto, citrus and coriander poached rock shrimp, and spinach; and roasted half chicken with potato rosti, tri-color baby carrots, and spring fruit relish.

On the bar, there will be craft cocktails, beers, and a "superb" wine portfolio. Some potential potables are Tango Mango, with jalapeno-infused silver tequila, Combier Orange Liqueur, mango, and lime; and Sweet Tea Shandy, Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka with a wheat beer and lemonade.

The space spans two levels, with a more conservative dining room downstairs and an edgier, "bohemian" lounge upstairs. There will be live music in the D-shaped upstairs, and "the whole effect is designed to make you feel like you're [at] a music festival."

When the company announced the new concept in March, they were targeting "just before summer." That obviously didn't happen, but TWK is currently looking for all front and back-of-house staff, so its debut is coming soon.

Serenitee is also behind Alchemy, Latitude 43, and Minglewood Tavern in Gloucester; 14 Walnut in South Hamilton; Cala's in Manchester; Hale Street Tavern in Beverly Farms; Maggie's Farm in Middleton; Opus in Salem; and The Spot in Georgetown.