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New Tenoch Could Have Breakfast, Booze, and Special-Occasion Mariachi Music

If all goes according to plan, the Davis Square taqueria could open in August.

Tenoch in the North End
Tenoch in the North End

Tenoch Mexican is opening its third brick-and-mortar location on the edge of Davis Square, and during a community meeting on Monday, the team behind the venture shared some of what guests can expect when the shop opens at 382 Highland Ave.

Tenoch was hoping to have its licensing approved last month, but the Somerville board tabled action. During the meeting, the restaurateurs explained that the confusion was over the entertainment license. According to a Chowhound user who was in attendance, Tenoch will mainly play pre-recorded music (which still requires an entertainment license), but they also want to host live mariachi band music on special occasions like Cinco de Mayo.

The Chowhound user reported guests in attendance were largely supportive of the new Mexican eatery coming to town, but one neighbor expressed concerns over "drunks getting rowdy," as Tenoch is seeking one available beer and wine license. The business owners said there should be nothing to worry about.

Tenoch in Davis Square will have an expanded street food menu in addition to its regular offerings. They plan to be one of the first places in the area to offer tepache, a type of fermented beverage that is mildly alcoholic. (It can occasionally be found at Ole in Inman Square.) The team also plans to offer breakfast, the Chowhound user reported.

The Somerville licensing board's next hearing is Monday, July 20.