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Misono Wok in the Super 88 Food Court Is Coming Back With a New Menu

Don't worry, the gimbap will return.

Misono Wok
Misono Wok
Jackie Cain for Eater Boston

One of two Korean food stalls in Allston's Super 88 food court is currently closed, but employees at its sister shop, Misono Grill, say the stand is coming back soon with a new menu.

Misono Wok closed sometime on Sunday evening. On Sunday night, an employee at Misono Grill said the stall behind them had previously been open that day. Around 7:30 p.m. that night, all the menu pictures posted around the stall had been removed and the kitchen was dark and deserted. Neither Misono Wok nor Misono Grill's neon signs had been illuminated earlier that week when both were in business, and neither was lit up on Sunday night, though Misono Grill was operating as usual.

The two Korean operations share an owner, according to a few employees at each stall, but their menus are different. Eater Boston spoke with three different Misono Grill employees, who said they believe Misono Wok is undergoing repairs and would also debut a new menu. (On Chowhound, one user reports hearing something different, "but there was a language barrier." Another says the stalls are unrelated.) The employees did not know what the repairs entailed, and none could share the name of the stalls' owner.

Misono Wok's phone number is disconnected today. One Grill employee said the Wok could reopen on Thursday. He said the new menu would still have gimbap, the popular rice and seaweed rolls. Misono Grill does not offer the sushi-like dish.

UPDATE: Cup Bap opened July 16 in place of Misono Wok, according to an employee at Misono Grill.