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Green Bean Mobile Cafe's Owners Are Selling the Food Truck

The brand may continue, but it won't be by its founders.

Jaime & Geoff Escott, Green Bean Mobile Cafe
Jaime & Geoff Escott, Green Bean Mobile Cafe

Green Bean Mobile Cafe co-owner Jaime Escott announced on Facebook today that she and her husband Geoff are selling their food truck after four years on the road. A Chowhound user noticed the news this morning.

The eatery offered an array of egg souffle sandwiches and bowls, breakfast items, panini, coffee, and some specialty drinks.

I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to all of our loyal customers as well as our staff who played a critical part of the truck’s success. ... On our quest to find a new owner, there is a possibility the name/brand will continue. We will update you when it’s sold. 
Much love Boston.

Jaime Escott added that her husband "ran the truck with his entire heart."

Reached by phone today, Geoff Escott said, "It's the end of a chapter and the start of something else." He has just started a new career in mental health counseling and his wife will continue on at Boston Magazine, where she was employed while they owned the truck, he said. "We wanted a little more stability, but we love running the truck. I feel like we left a nice little mark on the streets, left a good little legacy," he said.

Green Bean is officially off the road, Geoff Escott added. "We're not gonna take it out anymore." It's listed for sale on Craigslist, and the Escotts are also networking with the Boston food truck community to find an interested buyer.

According to the listing, the Escotts "want it to go to a deserving entrepreneur who is excited about taking off from where we left off."