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Get Ready to Slather a Steam-Cooked Burger in 'Not So Special' Sauce at Beta Burger

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The burger startup will debut this summer.

Construction on the basement level of Beta Burger
Construction on the basement level of Beta Burger

The tech-driven, customizable burger shop Beta Burger is on track to open in Mission Hill later this summer, BostInno reports, and the website touched base with founder Adrian Wong for some more details about what Bostonians can expect.

As previously reported, there will be an "assembly line approach" and guests can choose between a beef or chicken patty at the outset. Wong noted "we’re working hard on R&D to find an option to make [vegetarians] proud." Fries will also be personalized, with options like salt and vinegar and garlic Parmesan.

The creator adds that his company will offer "not so special sauce" (a play on the "special sauce" most burger places have), a signature steak sauce, and "typical" toppings to start, listening to customers and bringing in seasonal ingredients as time goes on. This collaborative approach will enable Beta Burger to "crowdsource limited edition burgers generated by our fans," Wong said. The burgers will range from $3.50 - $7.

The company will employ a controlled vapor oven — CVap technology — before searing them on the grill, aiming to provide a juicy, consistent offering. The company has a handy infographic to explain.

Construction is underway at 1437 Tremont St. The "simplistic" and "sustainable"-looking restaurant will have an open kitchen and seating on two levels; the basement was framed in the past couple days.

Wong anticipates an early August opening.