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Bone Up Brewing Company Gets a Step Closer to Everett Opening

The Massachusetts Brewers Permit is a big step.

This will one day be Bone Up Brewing Company.
This will one day be Bone Up Brewing Company.

Bone Up Brewing Company has missed its "hilariously improbable" goal of opening in June, but the ABCC has just granted the future Everett brewery its Massachusetts Brewers Permit, according to a new blog post from the Bone Up team. This leaves only a few other pieces that have to fall into place — the completion of renovations, inspections, and finally, town approval.

When Bone Up Brewing Company opens, expected American-style beers brewed in a Belgian-inspired manner. The team has been working on a variety of test batches, including a "robust" porter called Shut Up Kelly (named for a friend who keeps talking about how she didn't like dark beers until she tried theirs) and a "premium" cream ale called Extra Naked. Skeleton-filled label sketches for the latter can be found in today's blog post.

In other recent Everett alcohol news, Idle Hands Brewery has just been displaced by casino construction and is seeking a new space, and Short Path Distillery opened over the weekend.