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Dudley Dough Wants Beer & Wine to Go With Its 'Funky Salads' & Livable Wages

The cooperative pizzeria is coming soon to Dudley Square.

Construction at Dudley Dough in June
Construction at Dudley Dough in June

Dudley Dough, a cooperative pizzeria moving into a renovated municipal building in Dudley Square, sought a beer and wine license from the City of Boston this morning, Universal Hub reports. The licensing board typically takes action Thursday afternoons, and UHub notes the proposal was well-received.

The pizza shop comes from the nearby Haley House, a Roxbury non-profit organization that, among other things, offers career training. Haley House also operates a cafe, where it employs ex-offenders, provides work resources for youth, and hosts community events.

During the hearing this morning, Haley House founder Kathleen McKenna detailed some of the plans for continuing these efforts at Dudley Dough. There will be a program called Pie R Squared, which will offer an hour of math tutoring and free pizza for local students, UHub notes. Dudley Dough will also share profits with its employees and promises a livable wage, as well as to provide strong training and job stability.

Dudley Dough will offer "healthy gourmet pizza and salads and all kinds of our homemade soups from the bakery cafe," McKenna previously told the Boston Herald, and there will also be coffee. The salads were described as "funky" earlier today, according to UHub.

Construction is underway at Dudley Dough and the shop will open in August.

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