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Itadaki Gets Tricked by Realistic Fake IDs and Wants to Fight Back

If a restaurant makes every effort to avoid serving underage drinkers but a fake ID is too hard to spot, what's a fair punishment?


Itadaki, a Japanese restaurant on Newbury Street, is considering suing the families of four teens to whom it inadvertently served alcohol, reports Universal Hub. During a random inspection in early May, a detective discovered that four young women drinking Bud Lights were not yet 21, despite what their driver's licenses said.

The restaurant's attorney and a co-owner went before the licensing board today to explain that the IDs were very convincing, even sporting holograms. In the wake of the incident, Itadaki bought a fancy license scanner and fired the person who served the teens, according to UHub, and the restaurant plans to pursue a lawsuit against the teens' families if the board decides later this week to slap it with a license suspension. Itadaki already served a three-day suspension late last year for a similar incident, reports UHub.

Itadaki, inspired by the izakayas of Japan, serves small plates, ramen, sushi, and more, as well as beer, wine, sake, cocktails, and scorpion bowls.