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The Wapo Taco Will Shutter at the End of June

The restaurant's Roslindale building is no longer affordable.

The Wapo Taco
The Wapo Taco

After 18 years of serving tacos, chili, homemade tortillas, and other Mexican fare in Roslindale Square, The Wapo Taco has announced it will close at the end of this month.

In a Facebook post signed by Diane and Lorenzo, the owners write that their landlords doubled the building's rent for the upcoming year. "In order for us to stay, we would have to pass that on our customers, with a substantial price increase. We don't think that would be fair to all of you," they said.

Universal Hub noted this closure comes less than a month after Vouros Pastry Shop shuttered just down the street. The Greek bakery stood for nearly half a century on the corner of Washington and Poplar streets. Wapo will close after business hours on Saturday, June 27.

The Wapo Taco

37 Poplar St, Roslindale, MA 02131 (617) 469-2500