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Boloco Founder John Pepper Is Back at the Company's Helm

The former CEO has bought back the company.

John Pepper
John Pepper

After resigning as CEO in 2013, John Pepper has re-purchased Boloco from private equity investors, Boston Restaurant Talk reported via @BostonTweet.

Pepper founded the "inspired burrito" chain, originally called Under Wraps then The Wrap, in Boston in 1997, with friends Gregg Harris, Adam Liebman, and Jason Hutchinson. It rebranded as Boloco — "Boston local company" — in 2005, at which point it had 10 locations around New England. In 2006, Pepper was lauded as a CEO who "sucks less" by In October 2013, the CEO wanted his ownership group to sign on to a new financing deal, but the equity investors rejected the it, and Pepper tendered his resignation.

In the year-and-a-half since, Pepper has kept busy parenting three children ... and driving for Uber. "I've always had this impulse to just leap, to keep things interesting, do things that might provide a different perspective," he told last year.


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