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Naturel Juicing Looks to Dive Into Sea of Boston Juiceries

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The company launched a Kickstarter campaign yesterday.

Naturel Juicing logoNaturel Juicing is a new company looking to open a juice bar in the Boston area, and founder Nagélore Jean-Caidor is aiming to raise $7,500 through Kickstarter this summer to help get the business off the ground.

Jean-Caidor's mission is to make health a priority, according to a video posted on a Kickstarter campaign site.

"Healthy eating and dieting is no longer the norm. Instead, what is the norm is eating processed food and all these chemicals and preservatives in our food, which are actually very, very harmful to our health, in ways that are irreversible," Jean-Caidor explains.

The young woman is a Haiti native who moved to Boston 15 years ago. She recently graduated from the University of Massachusetts - Amherst with an economics degree. Jean-Caidor describes her personal experience with positive health benefits of juicing: She was prone to hormonal acne, and incorporating juiced fruits, vegetables, and herbs (particularly ingredients that are high in vitamins A, E, and beta Carotene) into her diet helped clear up her skin, she writes on the Kickstarter page.

Jean-Caidor incorporated her company in April and launched the fundraising campaign yesterday. With the $7,500 fundraising goal, she plans to file for a food service permit and purchase two cold-pressed juicers. She acknowledges that it will cost more than triple that goal to lease space in the greater Boston area. No one has donated to the fledgling campaign yet, but Jean-Caidor has until July 31 to meet her goal.