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Sousaku Bistro Will Bring Tapas, Sushi, and Endless Iced Tea to Malden

Awnings are up.

Sousaku Bistro
Sousaku Bistro

Malden will get a new Japanese restaurant soon, and passersby, like this Chowhound poster, have likely noticed the new signage at 166 Eastern Ave. Sousaku Bistro's awnings went up in mid-May.

An active Facebook page shows the team behind the new bistro participated in a Taiwanese festival in Newton earlier this spring, where a rice noodle and chitterling dish sold out within 20 minutes.

An opening date hasn't yet been announced. When Sousaku hits the Malden scene, it will offer a menu of Japanese tapas-style dishes, sushi, and drinks, including bottomless cups of iced green tea. Keep an eye on its Facebook page for updates.

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