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Fuloon Is Expanding, Bringing Spicy Sichuan Cuisine Out to Beverly

The hidden gem in Malden is expanding this summer.

FuloonNorth Shore Sichuan lovers, rejoice: Malden eatery Fuloon has plans to expand to a second location in Beverly. A Chowhound poster started the rumor yesterday, and today, owner Diane Tang confirmed with Eater that the second restaurant could open by August.

Fuloon offers a huge menu of authentic Chinese dishes and chef Zhang Wenxue's specialties. Last year, Serious Eats included the restaurant on a must-try list of places in the greater Boston area — but the site has noted in the past that its lunch buffet and some requisite Chinese take-out dishes are actually best avoided. Stick to the Szechuan-style hot diced chicken, steamed beef, the off-menu mapo tofu, and other regional dishes.

[Photo: Yelp]


375 Main St, Malden, MA 02148 (781) 388-3338

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