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Cha Shu Bubble Tea Has Closed for Renovations

The Malden cafe will reopen in a few weeks, the team says.

Cha Shu
Cha Shu

A Malden bubble tea shop has been making changes to its space and menu since it opened in the fall, but Cha Shu has temporarily closed for a few weeks to do some larger-scale renovations. The phone number for the cafe went to voicemail during typical business hours today.

Cha Shu opened late last year with a small food menu, in addition to milk teas, bubble tea, and coffee. Since then, it has upped its espresso and pastry offerings, and earlier this month, it introduced a new menu with more options for lunch and dinner, including panini, subs, and sushi.

In May and June, the shop mainly stayed open as Cha Shu underwent some interior remodeling. Business continued amid the hubbub of the installation of reclaimed wood counters and retail spacethough the cafe closed for a handful of hours on June 11 as workers plastered over recently-installed drywall.

But whatever else Cha Shu has in mind now is forcing the cafe to shutter, as Saturday was its last day in business for at least a few weeks. Based on the updates around the previous projects, it's safe to assume Cha Shu will keep fans posted on its progress in the coming weeks. Eater will also update if the business responds to a request for comment on what's in store for the relatively new bubble tea shop.

Cha Shu

62 Summer St, Malden, MA 02148 (781) 480-4867