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Clover's Menu Will Soon Be Certified Kosher

The Cambridge-based restaurant group is already in the process of becoming fully kosher.

Clover in Kendall Square
Clover in Kendall Square
Meg Jones Wall for Eater

A growing vegetarian chain of restaurants, food trucks, and prepared foods is taking steps to make all its products kosher, Universal Hub noted via the company's blog.

CEO Ayr Muir writes that he has been thinking about certifying Clover kosher "for a long time," based on the experience of watching a friend keep kosher. "I was shocked what a nightmare it was for her to try to find food she could eat," he writes. "I want Clover to be accessible to everybody."

The fast-casual eatery, which also plans to launch prepared food sales at Whole Foods, already eschews meat products, which takes away concern for one of the largest restrictions of kosher law. (Meat is not inherently not kosher, but there are strict rules around meat products guiding those who follow kosher law.)

When the commissary kitchen Clover HUB opened in 2011, the company installed vegetable washing equipment Muir believed would be helpful toward making their food kosher. Muir, who is not Jewish, has enlisted the help of a local rabbi during the process of officially certifying Clover products kosher. Muir isn't certain of the timeline, but he will announce its completion on the active company blog.

Muir notes that all Clover operations, including the forthcoming sales at Whole Foods, will be certified kosher.

UPDATE (12:45 p.m.): Clover's communications director, Lucia Jazayeri, said the Clover HUB, the brand's food trucks, and large catering orders are now certified kosher; all other restaurants will be within two weeks.

UPDATE (6/26): Clover operations are certified kosher under the supervision of Rabbi Barry Dolinger of Providence, R.I., Jazayeri clarified.

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