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Hot Harry's Fresh Burritos Takes Steps to Open in Roxbury

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The small chain first announced Boston expansion plans in 2012.

Hot Harry's Fresh Burritos in Glenmont, N.Y.
Hot Harry's Fresh Burritos in Glenmont, N.Y.

Hot Harry's Fresh Burritos is finally getting ready to open in the Boston area, after the shop's expansion was announced in 2012.

The store is slated to move into 11 Melnea Blvd., Roxbury. The local manager of the burrito franchise, Dhaval Patel, went before the Boston Licensing Commission for a common victualler's license this morning, Boston Restaurant Talk noted. The outcome of the hearing will be released after 3 p.m. tomorrow, according to an employee in the licensing office.

Based in Schnectady, N.Y., Hot Harry's has six locations nationwide, including three in the greater Albany area and one in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The Boston store will be the third in Massachusetts, following two Pittsfield locations.

The California-style burrito shop offers a menu of tacos, quesadillas, nachos, salads, burritos, and burrito bowls. Specialty items include flavor combinations like Thai, Buffalo chicken, and bacon cheeseburger.

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