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Santouka Expands Menu and Looks to Open Downtown

A second location is in the works in Boston proper.

Rendering of Santouka Ramen in Cambridge
Rendering of Santouka Ramen in Cambridge

Japanese ramen chain Santouka landed in Cambridge's Harvard Square in February, and for the first few months of its existence, it offered a compact menu of four types of ramen, including the restaurant's signature shio (salt) ramen, a "mild and creamy" broth topped with a pickled plum. Over the last couple of months, Santouka has filled out its menu a bit, adding rice bowl combinations, appetizers, and salads.

New additions include two types of ramen that are available just for the summer: goma miso ramen ($11.75), which includes sesame seeds and creamy miso, and it's recommended that diners add rayu, a spicy sesame oil; and hiyashi ramen ($12.50), cold ramen noodles with greens and tomatoes, a special dressing, and two pieces of toroniku (pork cheek).

Appetizers include takoyaki ($5), fried octopus-filled balls served with a sweet sauce and bonito flakes; and karaage ($6), deep-fried chicken. There are also rice bowls topped with salmon and pork belly.

In addition to expanding the menu, Santouka is looking to open a second local outpost; the potential spot is in the Financial District, and the new restaurant would ideally have a license that allows beer and sake, as well as a larger menu with more ramen-friendly appetizers.