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Construction Begins at Beta Burger in Mission Hill

Founder Adrian Wong is drawing inspiration from Chipotle.

Beta BurgerThe beams are up at 1437 Tremont St., the Mission Hill site of Beta Burger, which is slated to open this summer, as previously reported. Formerly an advisor at Morgan Stanley, founder Adrian Wong plans to take a Chipotle-inspired philosophy to his quick-service burger restaurant, using an "assembly line approach to toppings to create countless varieties of dishes," for example, according to the Globe.

At the start, though, there won't be infinite customization, at least when it comes to the actual burger patty — a vegetarian option won't be available for the first six months to a year. "We are taking a lean approach," notes a post on the restaurant's Facebook page.

The initial menu will include beef and chicken patties; a variety of buns (including a gluten-free option); and toppings like cheeses, pickles, steak sauce, sauteed mushrooms, and bacon. Also on the menu: fries, chips, and soda. The beef will be cooked in a CVap oven and finished to order on a flat-top grill, ideally resulting in burgers with consistently moist interiors.

The ultimate goal, according to Beta Burger's website, is to be "a champion food platform sourcing high quality ingredients and provide customers to create their own delicious customized hamburger, fries, and drinks."

[Rendering and Photo: Facebook]