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Saltbox Kitchen Sets the Table for July 9

The West Concord restaurant and nanobrewery comes from a trio of No. 9 Park alumni.

The first house meeting of Saltbox Kitchen staff
The first house meeting of Saltbox Kitchen staff

July 9 will be opening day for Saltbox Kitchen, the highly-anticipated restaurant from Barbara Lynch Gruppo alum Ben Elliot (Locke-OberNo. 9 Park) near his West Concord farm.

The 1,500-square foot, 15-seat restaurant, cafe, and grab-and-go counter at 84 Commonwealth Ave. in West Concord will also house a brewery and the catering kitchen for Saltbox Farm, as previously reported. The menu —breakfast, lunch, and early dinner — will be determined largely by the output of the farm.

According to a Boston Magazine article from earlier this month, Elliot has produced various lettuces and braising greens, cabbage, beets, tomatoes, and herbs since he left Boston's restaurant scene in 2009 to rehabilitate the fallow farm his grandparents settled in the 1940s. He also raised a flock of lambs, and chickens for eggs. There are eight beehives for honey, too, BoMag reported. There are four types of hops growing on site, for house beers by brewer Ralph Fielgel, also a No. 9 Park ex-pat.

The menu, developed in large part by Aran Goldstein, a fellow No. 9 Park alum who will be Saltbox Kitchen's chef, includes "sustainable options ... things you can eat and not feel terrible afterward," he told BoMag.

For breakfast, expect items like organic yogurt with seasonal fruit, raw honey, and granola; a citrus-cured salmon tartine with rye toast, chopped egg, capers, and pickled onions; and an array of pastries bolstered with fruits from the farm and beyond. For lunch and dinner, options will include a roasted eggplant and preserved tomato sandwich with whipped feta, baby arugula, and kale pesto; and Berkshire porchetta with salsa verde and cicarrones.

As of Thursday, July 9, Saltbox Kitchen will be open six days a week from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Saltbox Kitchen

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