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The Littlest Bar Will in Fact Shutter This Summer to Make Way for Condos

It's already moved once as luxury development moved in.

The Littlest Bar
The Littlest Bar

Contrary to an earlier report from BostInno that The Littlest Bar would remain at 102 Broad St. despite condos going up around it, the bar's fate has apparently always been that it would succumb to luxury development. Via an interview with owner Paddy Grace, BostInno is now reporting that The Littlest Bar will close in August.

Grace, 77, is alright with the destiny of the pub he purchased in 1991 and moved from its original, actually tiny location at 45 Province St. in the mid-2000s as a 32-story condo development went up there. "You don't stand in the way of progress. You just have to accept it — and like it," he told BostInno.

The Broad Street pub fits 120, four times more than the 30 seats the Littlest had on Province Street. Grace told the website he has been looking around for something no larger than the current bar, keeping the door open for a potential third move. "I'm still not mad, at my age anyway. If I was 21 or 22 I might feel different," he said.

The Littlest Bar

102 Broad St, Boston, MA 02110 (617) 542-8469