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Patsy's Pastry Shop Will Indeed Reopen in the Same Spot

After nearly 50 years, a Winter Hill bakery closed down a few days ago...but it will be back.

Patsy's Pastry Shop
Patsy's Pastry Shop
Rachel Leah Blumenthal for Eater

Patsy's Pastry Shop, a 46-year-old Somerville bakery, closed on May 4 to make way for a new 19-unit apartment building, as previously reported. When the news initially came out about the upcoming closure, co-owner Sal Ferrigno told the Somerville Times that while his family would have the first option to lease the retail space on the ground floor of the new development, it had been a while since any of them had taken a vacation. Even so, they would "certainly consider" reopening if it made sense.

Seems they've made the decision quickly — they will be back. According to a sign hanging in the window today, the shop will "re-open at this location when construction is complete."

Patsy's Pastry Shop

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